How we got started...

After many years in the restaurant business, I wanted to open a poboy shop that offered a little more than your basic burgers, fries and sandwiches, which was the norm. We started off cooking from scratch, and we never stopped. We make roux for our gumbos in batches that yield 30 gallons of gumbo, and in the winter we cook a batch of roux every day at both stores. We have people in the kitchens that care about cooking good food, and it shows in the final product. Our daily prep lists of soups, sauces, salads, regular menu items, dressings, preparing meats and seafood, and daily lunch and dinner specials is staggering, and we have a dedicated staff that makes sure that it all gets done every day. I know I'm bragging on the crew a little bit, but they deserve it.

Our history is a little tough to collapse into a neat little paragraph. We struggled at times, had to work way too many hours and days, and my wife, Tonya and I worked some crazy long hours together. She worked the dining room and I worked the kitchen in our second store, on Coursey Blvd., after our first store on Millerville Road met with an unhappy ending. Our motto back then was to cook and serve consistently good food in a timely manner, and we still preach that to our employees today. The store on Jefferson Highway was a product of a promise that I made to my long-time friend and manager, Josh Armand. I told him if he stuck it out with me, I would open another store and set him up at the Coursey location so he could enjoy the thrill and happiness of owning his very own Dempsey's! And boy does he! All kidding aside, we are in the happiness business. We strive to make the world a better place by cooking good food for people to enjoy, and good food does make people happy, and therefore makes the world a better place. We are serious about providing a relaxed and comfortable setting for our customers, and providing a safe and happy environment for our employees. The two go hand in hand, and one feeds off the other.

- George Gugich, Dempsey's
Prairieville Location 225-450-3237
Coursey Location 225-752-1199